NHS Treatments

We offer treatments under NHS guidelines for those who want to be sure that they have got a well maintained oral health.

All prices here are NHS agreed. For all dental treatment there is a cap limit of £384, so don't be afraid of having too much work to be done.

We recommend attending the dentist every six months so any problem arising may be foreseen on time, as prevention is better than cure.

If you are receiving any benefits, please inform us as the treatment could be fully NHS funded.


Quick reference for NHS prices*:


Examination                                      £0.00

X-rays                                                  from £ 3.36

Scale and polishing                                    £10.76

Treatment of periodontal disease           £26.12

Other periodontal treatments to discuss with the dentist



Amalgam fillings                              from £7.32

Endodontic treatment                        "       £39.56

Apicectomy                                           "       £34.96


Porcelain veneers                            from   £99.72

Inlays                                                       "       £56.64

Crowns                                                    "      £64.88



Extractions                from £12.24


Sedation                    from £21.48


Full denture in resin            from £148.60


*All prices are subject to the dentist criteria, as they may vary depending on the tooth affected, the number of teeth that require the treatment and the intensity of the treatment.



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